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Gathering the Voices

GatheringTheVoices.com is a Scottish volunteer created archive that documents the lives of men and women who fled to Scotland to escape Nazi persecution.

Archive Description

The Gathering the Voices project is a registered charity. The members of the Association have collected and made available online oral and video testimony from men and women who sought and found sanctuary in Scotland to escape the racism of Nazi–dominated Europe. A major strand of the project was to allow the interviewees to describe key events throughout their whole lives, so they are seen as individuals not just victims. As well as testimony the archive shows letters, photographs and other memorabilia. The archive has a strong educational focus and is known for its innovative approach in teaching about the Holocaust. The digital archive contains podcasts, YouTube videos, digital comics, a narrative computer game and several detailed lesson plans for use in schools.  The website has a global following.

You can see regular updates via Twitter (now X) and on Facebook.

Access Information

The archive is free to use and there is also a travelling exhibition which features some of the highlights from the website. Enquiries can be made to info@gatheringthevoices.com

Digital content

All the testimonies and resources are available electronically.

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