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The Jews of the RAF is a publicly-accessible online archive about Jewish personnel who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Archive Description

The archive was launched in February 2020 to commemorate Jewish personnel who died serving for Britain in the Royal Air Force in the Second World War. The archive is a repository of their personal stories. It includes photos, documents, letters and other memorabilia. Discover family origins, schooling, careers and other information provided by living relatives. In many cases no information can be found, and the archive is looking for help to record their details.

There are over 300 names on the website with another 400 to be included. The archive is searching for the relatives of those who died to provide information so that they will be remembered.

The database for the archive was initially created using Henry Morris’s book We Will Remember Them, a record of the Jews who died in the Armed Forces 1939-1945. Additionally, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission has provided details of those with a Star of David on their headstones. Genealogy has played a major part in researching and recording details of the personnel with over 800 family trees created.

The personnel served across the world in many commands including Fighter, Transport, Bomber, Coastal, Far East, Ferry and the Middle East, and included are those who served in the many roles supporting the RAF: ground crew, WAAFs, support crew and aircrew. They are buried or commemorated around the world including Canada, India, Sicily, Malta, Egypt, and the United Kingdom. Their deaths include those who died through enemy action, accidents, bombing raids, illness and in prisoner of war camps.

Online Accessibility

The archive can be found on the Jews of the RAF website, and enquiries can be sent to: or through their contact page

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