AJR Refugee Voices

AJR Refugee Voices is a digital archive created by the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) and holds Holocaust survivor and refugee testimony.

Archive Description

AJR Refugee Voices is the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR)’s groundbreaking Holocaust testimony collection of 250 filmed interviews with Jewish survivors & refugees from Nazi Europe who rebuilt their lives in Great Britain. The archive contains video interviews, written transcripts and summaries, historical photos, documents and other artefacts. You can see photos, documents and videos from the archive via their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Access Information

The archive is available to the public and can be accessed in full at the following partner institutions:

  • The Wiener Holocaust Library
  • The Brotherton Library Special Collections, University of Leeds
  • German Historical Institute London
  • The Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust Studies, University of Leicester
  • The Albert Sloman Library, University of Essex
  • Hartley Library Special Collections, The University of Southampton

Interview summaries, photos and documents are also available on the AJR Refugee Voices website.

For more information about accessing the collection you can contact the archive on their website.

Online Accessibility

A searchable catalogue of the interviews can be found on the AJR Refugee Voices Website. The website also holds information about the history of the archive, background information about the interviews, and teaching resources.

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