Tales of Jewish Sudan

Black and White Photograph of Jack Tamman and Comboni College School Friends • Tales of Jewish Sudan

Tales of Jewish Sudan is an online archive of oral history interviews and photographs relating to Jews who lived in Sudan, and who now live all over the world. Many live in Israel and the United States of America, but a small community still live in Britain.

Archive Description

The Tales of Jewish Sudan archive consists of over 65 interviews and over 300 photographs. It covers daily life in the cities Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman, and the towns of Wad Medani and Port Sudan. The Jewish community of Sudan was formally established in 1901, although Jews were living in the country before this. At its peak the community numbered 250-300 families. The last members of the Jewish community left Sudan in the early 1970s. Tales of Jewish Sudan is a part of the private research conducted by Daisy Abboudi on this small but vibrant Jewish community.

Online Accessibility

The archive is available online, and enqiries about the contents can be made on their website.

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