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We Were There Too

British Jews in the First World War – We Were There Too is a digital project created to capture, save and share the story of Britain’s Jews in the First World War

Project Description

We Were There Too celebrates the lives of both Jewish soldiers and citizens on the home front, providing historical context to key events and centering on the Jewish experience of the period.

The archive is active and adding material on a weekly basis. It includes some 2,500 personal records and 90 History Windows which relate different aspects of British Jewish life at this time. The site also hosts some 50 collections from Institutions and private collections, with in excess of 15,000 images.

Digital Accessibility

The project is fully available online, for free, with searchable collections including the only open, digital source of the 1922 Jewish Book of Honour, as well as records and personal accounts of Jewish combatants in the First World War.

For more information the archive can be contacted by emailing cntactus@jewfww.uk

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