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6 Sep 2021

Rosh Hashanah Postcards

Dawn Waterman on Yiddish New Year postcards

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20 Aug 2021

Candlesticks and Candelabras

Ann Rabinowitz, a Jewish genealogist, reflects on what candlesticks can tell us

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15 Jul 2021

Research Reveals Nineteenth Century Typo

A Mysterious Letter • London Metropolitan Archives

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9 Jul 2021

Jews and Football

Jews and football from the archives

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28 Jun 2021

The Family Corsetry Business

Dawn Waterman remembers her family's corsetry business

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21 Jun 2021

Researching Family History

Read Sidney Myers' blog on researching the story of his family

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24 May 2021

What To Do With Your Family Papers

Archivist Rachel Howse Binnington tells us what to do with our 'old stuff'.

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12 May 2021

The Tower & The Jews

Dr Rory MacLellan tells the story of Jews and the Tower of London

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22 Apr 2021

Covid-19 Community Archive: One Year On

Dawn Waterman on our Covid-19 Archive one year on.

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11 Mar 2021

Solving a seventy year old puzzle

Sheet music for the London version of Hashivenu Nazad

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25 Jan 2021

The Jewish archive collections at the University of Southampton

How the Jewish archive collections at the University of Southampton was formed

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18 Dec 2020

Parshat Mikeitz: Joseph’s Cup

Jake Berger on Artefact as Identity

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