COVID-19 Archive

Covid-19 – Building a Jewish Archive

Covid leaflet from Salford Council

We need your help!

Please send us photos of leaflets, flyers, documents, images or other information relating to COVID-19 and how it has affected you or your community. As part of the Hidden Treasures project we are collecting this digital material to create our own Jewish community pandemic archive. We’ll be sharing our journey with you over the next few months, and enlisting the help and advice of our network of archives and experts to learn how to make an archive from scratch.

Similar initiatives are ongoing in Israel and the US.

Can I help you card

Highlights of the collection so far include:

  • A prayer said in synagogue for the recovery of the Prime Minister when Boris Johnson was in hospital with coronavirus
  • The Board of Deputies’ ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ card which volunteers put through the letter boxes of their vulnerable neighbours offering help with shopping and collecting prescriptions
  • A leaflet issued by Salford City Council in English and Yiddish for its strictly Orthodox residents with the implications of restrictions on meeting in groups.
Send us your material!

Covid-19 – Building a Jewish Archive