An Anglo-Jewish Reading List

Has Hidden Treasures whetted your appetite? Want to learn more about the history of Jews in Britain ? You might like to try some of these:


Modern British Jewry by Geoffrey Alderman

British Jewry and the Holocaust by Richard Bolchover

The Club: the Jews of Modern Britain by Stephen Brook

The Jewish Chronicle and Anglo Jewry 1841-1991 by David Cesarani

The Making of Modern Anglo Jewry, edited by David Cesarani

The Jews of Britain 1656 to 2000 by Todd Endelman

Englishmen and Jews: social relations and political culture 1840-1914 by David Feldman

East End Jewish Radicals 1875-1914 by Bill Fishman

The Jewish Immigrant in England 1870-1914 by Lloyd Gartner

The Sephardim of England A History of the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Community 1492-1951 by Albert Hyamson

Jewish Heritage in England: an architectural guide by Sharman Kadish

Tradition and Change A History of Reform Judaism in Britain 1840 – 1995 by Anne J Kershen and Jonathan Romain

250 years of convention and contention: a history of the Board of Deputies of British Jews 1760-2010 by Raphael Langham

I Came Alone. The Stories of the Kindertransports edited by Bertha Leverton and Shmuel Lowensohn

A Century of Social Service 1859-1959 The Jewish Board of Guardians by V D Lipman

The United Synagogue 1870-1970 by Aubrey Newman

Liberal Judaism The First Hundred Years by Lawrence Rigal and Rosita Rosenberg

A History of the Jews in England by Cecil Roth

The Jews of South West England The Rise and Decline of Their Medieval and Modern Communities by Bernard Susser, 1993

The Making of Manchester Jewry 1740-1875 by Bill Williams, 1985


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