The Impact of Nazism

“My happy family life was interrupted… and I’ve tried to work myself up into a sort of useful and nice enough human being…”

This treasure, from the AJR Refugee Voices Testimony Archive, is part of Ursula Gilbert‘s extended interview about her life from her childhood in Berlin, her Kindertransport experiences, her vivid recollections of life in wartime and postwar hostels and boarding houses in North London, and how she came to rebuild her life postwar in Britain after the murder of her parents and sister in Auschwitz. In this clip, Ursula speaks for so many of the interviewees in the archive about the impact of Nazism on her life.

AJR Refugee Voices is theĀ Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR)’s groundbreaking Holocaust testimony collection of 250+ filmed interviews with Jewish survivors & refugees from Nazi Europe who rebuilt their lives in Great Britain. The archive contains nearly four thousands photos and documents, as well as clips, historical background and other content which can all be seen online on its site: The archive is also active on social media and you can see them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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